Top 10 Best Restaurants in Fort Frances

If you’re planning to go on vacation, you don’t have to fly to Asia to enjoy your holiday. There are plenty of great vacation spots in the Western world to consider with plenty of history. One great example is Fort Frances in Ontario, Canada. for more information about us you can visit :, but getting back to the story. 

Situated on the shores of Rainy River and the Rainy Lake, the region is a quite popular destination for swimming, boating, fishing and sightseeing. And what’s more, you can access the location from the US with ease, via the international Bridge in Minnesota.

Plus most restaurants here are family-owned and located close to the waters, meaning tourists get to enjoy breathtaking views while savoring world-famous Canadian food. Here 10 of the Best Restaurants in Fort Frances, Ontario worth checking out.

Flint House Restaurant

This is one of the top-rated restaurants in Fort Frances according to Trip advisor. The restaurant has great ambience, food and great views since it’s situated near the shores of Rainy River and Lake. Plus it’s a great location for hosting events such as weddings, birthday parties or anniversary. In addition, art lovers will love the restaurant’s enchanting décor.

The Grid UP Restaurant

Visitors can rely on The Grind UP restaurant for tasty Canadian cuisine that includes: mouth-watering soup, chicken, sandwiches, etc. The restaurant also serves craft beer, wine or draft beer. Teetotalers can also have a great time here by ordering beverages such as tea, cappuccino and the great latte.

Canasian Family Restaurant

Do you love Asian cuisines? Well, the Canasian is perfect option to check out if you do. The restaurant mainly serves Chinese and Filipino food but you can find Dishes from other Asian countries as well. Some of the great meals you can enjoy include burgers, chicken and tasty soup. Additionally, the spot has friendly rates, atmosphere and great viewpoints.


The Harbourage Restaurant

This is among the best restaurant to check out if you want to savor Canadian cuisine. Some of the unique dishes you’ll find in this restaurant include the famous Walleye, meat, sandwiches, pancakes, friends, eggs, etc. You can also enjoy coffee while watching breathtaking views of the area from inside the restaurant. In short, this one of the best restaurants in Fort Frances hands down.


If you’re looking to enjoy world-famous Canadian cuisine, head over to LA PLACE RENDEZ-VOUS bar and restaurant. Without a doubt, this spot offers a variety of tasty dishes like walleye, rice soup and chicken. But seriously, the menu has other great dishes that you can sample; besides you can also indulge in sweetly prepared coffee or well-crafted beer.

Boston Pizza

If you’re a lover of Pizza, consider visiting the Boston Pizza Restaurant. Aside from savoring great tasting Pizza, you can also enjoy other options such as nacho chips, steaks, fish and a variety of tasty soups. The spot is known for their great customer service and an excellent atmosphere.

Bistro 48

If you want to dine in a restaurant with an extensive variety of dishes, consider Bistro 48. Aside from sampling awesome Canadian cuisine, the spot has friendly staff, and most of the meals here are reasonably priced. Also, the atmosphere is pleasant, relaxing and you’ll certainly love the fireplace.

Mekong restaurant

If you enjoy combining cuisines creatively, choose Mekong restaurant any time you want to dine. Some of the menu combinations you’ll find at the restaurant include egg roll, rice greens chicken ball and different types of vegetables. What’s more, most foods served here are fresh and the customer service is excellent.

Aurora Bar & Grill at Copper River Inn


This is one of the top restaurants in Fort Frances if you’re looking for a great atmosphere to relax with family or friends. The food served here is delicious and you’ll particularly enjoy tasty walleyes or various wing flavors’. Also, the place has nice and friendly staff that will go above and beyond to satisfy your needs.

Lighthouse Fish and Chips

Do you love fish and chips? If yes, then Lighthouse Fish and Chips should be your go-to restaurant once you arrive in Fort Frances. Here, you’ll find home-cut chips, tartar sauce, homemade coleslaw and tasty fish nuggets. Plus, the spot has good ambience and quite friendly staff.

A visit to Fort Frances will never be complete if you don’t sample food from different restaurants in the area. The restaurants on this list are some of the best you can find in the area. But don’t take our word for it, check out online reviews to confirm whether I’m stating facts or not. We often list activities around fort Frances on our social media platforms, but here are a list of our social media profiles and directories you can follow.