local attraction in fort frances

August 30, 2018

Have you visited the Market Square?

If you happen to be staying in the area either Thursday or Saturday, it's definitely worth the 2 minute walk to venture over to the Market Square and see all that the vendors have available for purchase. There's anything from hot meals to fresh bread, local garden produce, jams and jellies (I even saw jars of cinnamon pickles), artwork, handmade soaps, and more. The services and products change from week to week so if you're stopped in once, don't be shy to try it out for a second time! Supporting local businesses, especially small shops and solo entrepreneurs, is something we're happy to do as a fellow Scott Street business. We heartily invite all our Fort Frances hotel guests to stop in and support the hardworking and talented shops in downtown Fort Frances.

Today's market featured Calm Lake Bread Co., Charlee's Naturally Northern Handcrafted Soaps and More, TLC Tammy Lamb Creations, Emily's Country Corner, A.G. Produce, Wasaw Food Services and many more!

rainy lake
local woods in downtown Ontario

August 21, 2018

What if you loved where you live?

Travel can make for some amazing memories and magical feelings. We certainly hope that's how our guests feel when they stay with us. But we also hope it's how they feel at home, too. 

Memories should be made in brand new spaces as well as our backyards and we should be looking for new and creative ways to enjoy wherever we're at. If you look for the amazing in the every day stuff, you'll actually start to find it - everywhere! Even if you've passed by a lakeside view a thousand times on your way to work, why not stop tomorrow? Why not take 3 minutes to soak it all in like it's this brand new thing? 

We at The Sleepy Owl are grateful to come from such a biodiverse and luscious area of the world. We may be remote (according to some) but we're surrounded by a pretty vast array of nature that lends itself to all kinds of "ooohs" and "ahhhs" if you're willing to go for a little trek or swim or sunset boat ride.

Whether at home or in a hotel, allow a little awe + wonder to join you!

image of a ferris wheel

August 17, 2018

We love the local fair.

From packed grandstands for stock car races to our annual indulgence in something called an elephant ear - the local agricultural fair is something we don't like to miss. There's really something for everyone here - biggest and baddest vegetable competitions, craft and sewing exhibits, teeny tiny animals, enough rides to make you sick, even a chance to watch a bunch of adults bid on the price of a cow while it walks in a circle. 

If you're visiting the area for the weekend Saturday is the last day to take in all the fun! We hope you make it there! Admission is just $3 (but food, the races, and rides will cost extra). The Rainy River Valley Agricultural Fair takes place in Emo (just 20 minutes from Fort Frances)!

August 9, 2018

Hellooooooo summer nights

Is there a more accurate version of summer bliss than sitting around a table with your friends drinking beer and nibbling from a cheese plate while you try your hand at painting during the golden hour of sunlight? Oh, you'd like live music? Yeah, there was that too. Just a block away from The Sleepy Owl, the Rainy Lake Square is hosting some great summertime events for adults and families too. Lots of them are free. Ask about what's happening at the front desk! (Did you know that Fred Penner played there in front of 600 people last month? How cool is that?)

August 6, 2018

Paradise is closer than you think.

In fact, it's probably a state of mind.

But for folks staying at The Sleepy Owl, a good stretch of sandy beach is just a three minute drive away. 

The scene yesterday was perfect - folks tubing, kids sucking on freezies, clusters of birthday balloons and Pepsi Co umbrellas landmarking picnic areas, shovels digging furiously in the sand and every type of water wing you could imagine. 

It might not be Turks & Caicos or even turquoise, but Point Park is a great local place to cool off and and celebrate the summer.

Ask for directions at the front desk!

August 3, 2018

hotel food

Happy Fry Day!

It's the long weekend, you probably deserve it. 

Just down the block from The Sleepy Owl sits the Curbside Grill, a precious jewel in this town's summer crown. Seven days a week from 11:30 am to 7 pm Darren and his staff are serving up fries, poutine, cheeseburgers and smokies. The fries are hand cut Yukons or Red potatoes, delivered straight from Gerber's Farms along the river just outside of town. 

Darren came to town four and a half years ago from the nearby town of Dryden - because the business was twice as good here! He's been known to sell 100 pounds a day. Suffice to say, we love french fries! 

July 27, 2018

Want to know how to live a little happier + healthier?

Surround yourself with nature. It's that simple (and effective). 

They clean our air, give us shade in hot weather, give us shelter in rain and protect us from the wind - all of which have actual economic benefits. Plus they're beautiful to look at, and even their presence makes people feel calm. Did you know that the likelihood of crime drops in neighbourhoods that have more trees? Say hello to our world's natural peace makers! In fact, trees are so essential to human life that cities all over the world are starting to take stock (literally) of their trees and put them on maps. 

Here in Fort Frances you can use the online map (link below) to explore some of our area's native species of trees growing all around us! Take an afternoon to appreciate the wonder and diversity of nature!


You can find New York City's tree map here. 

Or take a look at San Francisco's tree map.

You can also see the trees in London, England!

Finally, take a look at what's growing in Fort Frances.