Best Fort Frances Hotel 

What's better than a comfy nest at the end of a travel day in Fort Frances? 

The Sleepy Owl is a humble sized hotel in downtown Fort Frances with 24 rooms. Each room, or nest, is stocked with the simple pleasures that make staying away from home worthwhile. From personal selections of coffee to wake you up in the morning (or keep you working on that big project late at night) to a variety of pillows so you get that perfect amount of plushness to the natural bath products to soothe your skin, we want you to feel taken care of. Our place is small enough that no one gets lost in the shuffle, but professionally staffed so that we're able to cater to your needs around the clock. 

Why Stay at Our Fort Frances Hotel?

We keep the decor neutral and warm, from dark wood finishes to cream coloured walls so that it's the perfect canvas to appreciate the real gem of the hotel, which is our caring and attentive staff. You'll be welcomed to our place with a smile, a cookie, and the assurance that your comfort is their number one priority. It's like staying with family, but without hearing your aunt Trudy snore from the bedroom next door. 

But while we like to keep things quiet and cozy on the inside, once you step out of our doors you're in the heart of the community! 

Craving a steak dinner? Shopping for handcrafted gifts? Ready for live music? Maybe just a morning espresso? You'll be there in five minutes or less! Care for a stroll around the river with your loved one? Just ask the front desk for directions, or head south at the east end of our block and you'll be by the water in no time. Regardless of the season, the riverfront walk offers a spectacular chance to interact with nature without needing to drive into the woods. 

You see, our community is small, but it's special. You'll find murals dedicated to our industrious past covering some of our oldest and most historic buildings. Our little town is right in the hub of things, believe it or not. A place where rivers run wild and residents stay warm in their hearts so they don't freeze in the winter. Our border with Minnesota and our midpoint location between the cities of Thunder Bay and Winnipeg mean that we're a great place to stay if you're passing through. Easy access to recreational activities on our lakes and woodlands during our exquisite four seasons mean that we're a great place to visit too.