Kids Activities in Fort Frances

Vacationing with kids can be an exciting and enchanting experience. As a parent, you get to expose your kids to different environments early on, and these experiences will certainly remain etched in their memories forever. If you’re planning to visit our hotel as a tourist, it’s good to know that the area has plenty of kids’ friendly spots to sample. Here are some of the exciting activities your kids should take part in.

Fort Frances Public Library

Vacationing in Fort Frances with kids won’t be complete until you visit Fort Frances Public Library. The facility has books for all ages and genres, plus a dedicated area for kids and teens to hang out. Your kids can also savour memorable moments by watching movies in the facility. In fact, this is one of top spots where plenty of children like visiting.

Swimming at Point Park

Point Park is one of our greatest locations to consider for your kids while on vacation. Encompassing a very large beach, a playground, tons of area for kids to run and play, a baseball diamond, volleyball court and even a campground!

Shop Gifts at Northwoods Gallery & Gifts

This is one of the top spots to consider when shopping for gifts in Fort Frances. A trip to the store with your kids will be a special occasion to remember for many years. The kids will love the collection of toys and games in store but its budget that will ultimately decide what you purchase in the end.

Fort Frances Museum

Do you want to teach kids about history? Well, if you are vacationing in Fort Frances, a visit to Fort Frances Museum should be on the cards. The museum has a great collection of artefacts and other memories that will give your kids a fresh perspective on life. Teaching your kids history is something every parent should embrace.

Lookout Tower

The lookout tower is situated at the waterfront of Rainy River and its great spot for viewing Fort Frances Scenic beauty. Beside the tower, there’s a busy playground for kids to enjoy and interact while they enjoy ice cream and other pleasantries.

Townshend Theatre

Kids love watching play and musicals, right? A trip to Townshend Theatre should therefore be a memorable experience for your kids. The spot offers all sorts of entertainment options including musicals, plays, music concerts, etc. For a schedule of events, please visit


You can make vacationing in Fort Frances something worth remembering for your kids by taking them to one of our many playgrounds!

  • McIrvine Rotary Park
  • Lion's Park
  • Pither's Point Park
  • Lillie Avenue Park
  • Phair Avenue Park