Top 10 International Falls Attractions

If you stay at our Fort Frances based hotel a visit to International Falls is certain to be memorable for tourists because of two main reasons: First, the town is located in Minnesota, right at the border between the United States and Canada. Which means it’s quite a busy spot for people crossing the border. Secondly, the region has plenty of enviable attractions, which make tourists from all parts of the world visit the area in droves. Here are some of the main tourist attractions in International Falls you should know about. The Sleepy Owlis in close proximity to International Falls, making it ideal for day trips. 

Voyageurs National Park

A visit to the Voyageurs National Park should be on top of your list if you plan to vacation in International Falls, Minnesota. The water park has a number of linked water highways that make boat tours fun and enjoyable. And the good thing is that the boat tours are guided, which guarantees you peace of mind as you navigate the cool waters. Moreover, there’s also a camping site within the park if you just want to chill and unwind closer to a waterfront.

Bass Fishing Tournament

If fishing is an activity you love, you can take part in the annual International Falls Bass Championship. The fishing championship attracts plenty of tourists from all parts of the world and is a great activity for both kids and adults.

Gold Mines at Rainy Lake

Have you ever visited a gold mine in your life? If the answer is no, then this is one of the top attractions in International Falls worth checking out. You’ll be given a guided tour to the mines and you’ll learn how gold used to be mined in the area.

Bike Trail in Rainy Lake

You can enjoy the 10-mile bike trail that starts at the heart of International falls to Rainy Lake Visitor Centre. If you don’t own a bike, you can rent one so as to enjoy the beautiful journey to the lake.

Various Shopping Centers

International Falls has plenty of amazing shopping spots that tourists will love. From antiques to souvenir stores, shopping in the area is a fun activity to do with family of friends. What’s more, tourists can also cross the border and shop in Fort Frances, Canada.

Smokey Bear Park

Smokey Bear Park is one of the top attractions in International Falls. Visitors come face to face with a 26-foot statue of the smokey bear. The area is a great location for hosting picnics with family or friends. Kids will definitely be amazed by the giant bear landmark in the park.

Go the two main Museums

If you want to learn about the history of International Falls, a visit to Koochiching County Historical or Bronko Nagurski Museum will provide you with all the answers. These joints are great for anyone fascinated by history of the area.

Canadian Customs

Being at the border between the US and Canada, International Falls is a busy location. The town plays host to plenty of people crossing to Canada. As a result, visiting the Canadian Customs is one of the top attractions in the town. Remember, there’s a great tourist destination on the Canadian side of the border known as Fort Frances.

 International Border and Bridge

Do you know that International Falls, Minnesota, and Fort Frances, Ontario border each other and are connected via the International Bridge? Well, this is a very busy crossing point for both tourists and locals. To visit Fort Frances, you’ll have to be cleared by the Canadian customs first.

Sportsmen’s Service Wildlife Museum

Do you love watching wildlife? Well, Sportsmen’s Service Wildlife Museum has a private museum with a collection of 50 animals and 100 birds. This one of the top attractions for tourists visiting International Falls every year.

City Beach

City beach is the top location for any tourist planning to visit International Falls. The beach has impressive features that include: picnic tables, swings, basketball courts and sandy beaches manned by several lifeguards.

Wrapping up

There are plenty of other attractive spots in International Falls beside the list we’ve highlighted above. Don’t forget to check out online reviews when creating a shortlist of areas to visit. In the end, International Falls is a top tourist destination everyone should consider exploring.

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