10 Things to do in Fort Frances

Fort Frances is an awesome location with lots of interesting things to do for the average tourist. Here’s is list of 10 things to do in Fort Frances that you should consider once you have booked into our top rated hotels in Fort Frances Ontario

Visit Fort Frances Museum

A visit to Fort Frances will not be complete without visiting the local museum. The old house is over 100 years old and has an impressive curation of memories, artifacts and history of the area. Plus, it’s super affordable to access the facility as you only pay $4 to check out everything. What’s more, the fee gives you access to the Hallet and the Lookout tower. How cool is that?

Go shopping at Betty’s of Fort France

It’s obvious that you’ll from time to time go shopping while vacationing in Fort Frances. While there are plenty of options to consider, Betty of Fort Frances is a store filled has all the items you need and they regularly have discounts you can take advantage of. Some of the items most tourists buy here include clothing, footwear, books, games children toys, etc.

Climb the Lookout Tower

If you want to enjoy breathtaking views of the entire town of Fort Frances, climbing the Lookout tower is a must.  The tower allows you to have great views of the Rainy River and The Rainy Lake plus other areas of the town. Besides, there’s playground no far away from the tower, to keep your kids busy as you enjoy the town’s scenic beauty.

Check out Logging Tug Hallett

Your tour of Fort Frances will be deemed incomplete if you don’t check out the Logging Tug Hallet. This is considered to be the largest boat in the history of Fort Frances. You’ll learn about the history of logging and how the boat was used to carry the loads of timber before the advent of road transport in the location.

Go to Fort Frances Public Library

A visit to the Fort Frances public library will tickle your fancy. You not only get to access all sorts of books but you can also watch plenty of movies in the facilities. In short, the facility has a great atmosphere that you and your kids will enjoy.

Go Shopping Northwoods Gallery & Gifts

Any time you want to shop for gifts be it for a birthday, anniversary or Christmas, consider shopping at Northwoods Gallery & Gifts. The spot has all types of gifts whether its jewellery, candles, dishes, wall art, seasonal decorations or clocks. You’ll certainly enjoy shopping in the facility if you are a tourist because of the vast gift choices and the friendly staff in the facility.

Memorial Sports Centre

Taking care of your physical health is essential even when you’re on vacation. Memorial Sports Centre is one of the top fitness centers you can rely on while vacationing in Fort Frances. The facility has everything you need to keep fit including a gym, swimming pool, sauna, Racquetball courts, etc. Moreover, the staff and the lifeguards here are super friendly. This one of the joints you should check out when vacationing in this location.

Attend St Mary's Roman Catholic Church

If you’re a practicing Christian, you know that being on vacation shouldn’t prevent you from going to church, right? Attending St Mary's Roman Catholic Church should be something you should consider. Aside from spiritual nourishment, the church has an attractive architecture, great indoor, a beautiful outdoor landscape and you’ll certainly be entertained by an excellent resident choir.

Watch Great Shows and Musicals at Townshend Theatre

If you love watching plays or live musical performances while on vacation, Townshend Theatre has all perks you need. The spot has well-arranged seats and the acoustics aren’t bad either. This is a nice place to hang out with family or acquaintances, especially if you’re searching for something different to blow your mind.

Play Golf at Heron Landing Golf Course

You can also make your vacation more fun and memorable by playing golf at Heron Landing Golf Course. The course is not only attractive and well maintained but it’s also a great spot for watching wild animals such as dear, eagle or the odd bear. And the cool thing is that you can enjoy the course whether you’re an amateur or expert golfer.

These are some of top things to do in Fort Frances. But remember you vacation experience will be determined by so many factors so make sure you start making plans earlier. 

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