Weather in Fort Frances: The Best Time to Visit

Are you planning to visit our Fort Frances hotel but you’re unsure about the weather conditions there? Well, this post is going to highlight the general weather conditions in the area so that you make better travel decisions. You can learn a bit about the history here:


Generally, the ideal time to visit Fort Frances is between May to September if you’re a tourist. This is the warmest season in the area with temperatures averaging 65°F. On the flipside, the cold season stretches from November to the end of February with temperatures averaging 28°F. The coldest month in Fort Frances is January 16 when temperatures dip to 16°F. Once you have decided on the month you want to visit, you can read the top 10 things to do in Fort Frances here. 

Precipitation (Rain or Snow)

If you love travelling when the weather conditions are dry, consider visiting Fort Frances in February, March or December. These periods receive very little precipitation in terms of rain or snow. By contrast, the months of May and June experience plenty of rain and snow. In fact, if you love skiing, consider visiting the area around mid-June.

Humidity and Wind

Lots of months in Fort Frances are humid. But the most humid month in Fort Frances is December (73% relative humidity) while April (49%) is the least humid.

The nature of wind throughout the year can be considered calm. The windiest period of the year is between April, May and March. The month of April has an average wind speed of 7.7 knots, which is deemed as a gentle breeze. But in mid-April, the wind speed can be expected to rise up to 12.8 knots and this is considered moderate breeze by weather experts.

Tourism based on weather

August is the busiest month of the year in Fort Frances in terms of tourist arrivals. This is the warmest month of the year, which means many tourists like visiting around this time. However, there’s a considerable number of tourists touring the location in September as well.

On the other hand, the month of June is the least busy because of the harsh temperatures and snow. However, travelling to the area during this period can be advantageous due to two main reasons. First, you can access most things cheaply, since a small number of tourists vacation in this location at this period. Second, the location isn’t crowded like the busy tourist season.

The busiest month for tourism in Fort Frances, ON, CA has to be August, followed by March and February. Rates for flights and hotels will be costly during these periods, but it’s possible to save money if you book accommodation well in advance.

Tourists are unlikely to visit Fort Frances in June, yet those willing to visit at these times will pay the least rates.


Fort Frances: Travel Experience by Season

Spring (March to the end of May)

The combination of temperatures and humidity make this period moderately cold. Temperatures fluctuate within this period but they tend to be much warmer towards the start of May. Also, there’s a lot of precipitation during this period with 4 to 7 days receiving rain each month. This is one of the busiest periods for tourists visiting Fort Frances.

Summer (June to August)

As mentioned previously, Fort Frances receives the highest number of Tourists in the summer months. The period ranges between June and August and has pretty nice weather with high temperatures. If you’re planning to visit the area during this period, prepare to pay a little bit more money for accommodation and other services.

Fall (September to November)

The conditions during fall can be termed as chilly based on the wind and humidity experienced each year. The highest temperatures can reach up to 22.2°C while the lowest can fall to 2.7°C. Additionally, there’s a lot of rainfall and snow during this period.

Winter: December through February

The weather between the months of December to February is quite cold compared to other months. If you like travelling during the warm months, you should avoid the location during this period as the average temperatures are -4.7°C to 4.7°C.

Checking weather information before you travel to any vacation destination is crucial. In Fort Frances for example, the warmest months are the best for vacationing considering the number of tourists arriving here. Knowing the weather conditions of a given destination should never be taken for granted as a result.